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Our Mission is to reach out to families and individuals in need by providing essential necessities. The necessities that help keep them warm, fed and educated.  In addition and maybe most importantly, to help make them feel like worthy human beings.


I started the organization first to be of service to God and second when I was 8 years old living on the Southside of Chicago with my mother, five brothers and three sisters, a strange man who was dirty and wore torn clothes knocked on our door; he asked for a slice of bread.

My mother unselfishly gave it to him without any hesitation.  After the man left we asked why did she talk to a stranger and why did she help him; especially after drilling into us not to talk to strangers.  We didn’t quite understand it until she said these magic words which changed my life forever.   She said “That stranger could have been Jesus and to always treat people with dignity and respect because you never know who you might be helping.”  I knew then what my calling was!

How Recipients Are Selected:

We rely on referrals from other non-profit organizations as well as school Social Workers to help disseminate items.  Please note that all information is confidential.


We cannot function without the assistance of awesome volunteers who give up their time to plan fundraisers, help purchase and distribute coats to clients, prepare year end taxes and much more.  Due to the fact that the organization is ran by volunteers, money received is used to pay for operational expenses and winter items only.

 Candy’s Coats for Kids is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, incorporated in May 2005, and founded by myself Doreen Willis.

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